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Grounding half-sheet

Grounding half-sheet




  • Wide enough for any mattress (210cm silver/cotton fabric), plus 50cm cotton extensions on each side to tuck under.
  • Covers a little under half the mattress, at 90cm deep, so that only part of the body (for example feet and legs) is in contact.
  • Machine washable, up to 40°C.
  • Price includes choice of plug or ground-rod connection.



       This is a flat, tuck-under, sheet. Cotton/silver fabric (210 x 90cm), with cotton          extensions (90 x 50cm) on each side, so total size is 310cm x 90cm. Costs £83.

 Grounding half sheet
 earthing sheet

 Please choose connection type:

  • Grounding plug, with only the earth pin metal.
  • Socket tester, to confirm that ‘earth’ is functioning at house sockets.
  • 5m cable, connects sheet and plug, with 100KOhm resistor built in.
 Plug connections


  • Grounding rod, 30cm long.
  • 12m ground-rod cable.
  • 5m cable, (100KOhm resistor built in), connects ground-rod cable to sheet.
  • Before ordering, please check that 17m of cable will reach from the bed to the ground-rod location.
Ground-rod connections 

Price is inclusive of VAT, and FREE DELIVERY within the EU.

Orders are posted within two days of payment (generally the same day), by Royal Mail, which takes a further 1-3 days.

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Connection type: