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Net curtain - white

Net curtain - white



  • Made by Swiss Shield, and called ’Naturell’.
  • Threads of silver-plated copper, encased in white cotton.
  • Not the cheapest fabric, but generally not much is needed to cover windows, and with care it will last indefinitely.
  • Wash in cold water, on gentle cycle. Cold iron.
  • Nice off-white cotton appearance, but quite opaque for a net curtain.
  • Excellent shielding performance.

Microwave shielding net curtain  

                                    4’ wide roll costs £14.00 per linear foot

                                    8’ wide roll costs £28.00 per linear foot 

                                    Please choose a roll size, then number of feet from that roll.


Price is inclusive of VAT, and FREE DELIVERY within the UK.

Orders are posted within two days of payment, by Royal Mail, which takes 1-3 days. 

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Width of roll: